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Hi, my name's Chris Stone and I'm a freelance director and filmmaker based in Stoke-On-Trent.
I've been making films since I was a kid, when I ran off with my dad's Video 8 camera and never wanted to give it back.
I incorporated film and filmmaking into everything I could at school and college, before I finally got to study media production full time at university.
I left with a first class degree and a job at the BBC, and have been pursuing my filmmaking career ever since.
If I'm not on set with a camera in hand, I'm studying, researching, scriptwriting, casting, prop-making or editing.
Film is my life, and I never stop learning about it.

I've made literally hundreds upon hundreds of videos, from short films to web series, music videos to corporates.
I've been nominated for an rts award, had my films shown at festivals from LA to New York to London, and had my work screened on the bbc, itv and MTV.
I lecture at universities and also give seminars for other institutions, including google. I've completed director shadowing at the BBC and ITV.
But above all this, my real passion is for drama, and that's where actors' showreels come in.
I love working with actors; rehearsing, writing and creating exciting and engaging custom scenes. I love watching dramatic material and editing slick and snappy reels.

And since we're talking showreels, take a look at mine.

If you're still curious and want to know more, you can follow me across social media; I'm an avid Twitter and Instagram user and I also have a Facebook page.
Have any questions or want to connect? Then get in touch!

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