Edited Showreels

Take A Look At A Selection Of Actors' Showreels I've Edited Below.

Your showreel is your showcase; an essential tool you can use to get that next role or a great agent

Showreel editing is £150, and this is how it works.
You send me all of your footage, digital files or web links are preferred, but I can use DVDs without copy protection on them too.
Then I'll do a first edit; I recommend showreels are less than 3 minutes in length, I won't cut them longer than 5 minutes.
I'll recut scenes so they focus more on you and improve sound and picture quality wherever I can.
I'll send you over this first draft, so you can give me feedback. If you'd like any changes, I'll do a second edit to implement them.
Finally, you'll receive your final edited showreel in a HD digital format, ready for upload to the web!
If you're short on time and need it ASAP, I offer a 24 hour service too, for an additional fee of £50.

Got any questions? Go check out my FAQ page.

Check out some of the showreels I've edited below!

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