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About Me
Showreel Editing
Showreel Filming
Who Are You?
My name is Chris Stone, and I'm a freelance director. I have over a decade of experience and have been editing showreels for actors for years. I have an in depth knowledge of all aspects of production, so I know what makes a strong, dramatic scene and how to cut together a slick edit.

Most importantly, I know what casting directors and industry professionals want to see from you, because I'm one of them, and I'll apply that insight to your new showreel.
Where Are You Based?
I'm based near Stoke-On-Trent, but I have clients from around the world. If you're looking to do some showreel filming with me, Stoke-On-Trent station is only a 90 minute train ride from London Euston and 40 minutes from Manchester. I'm close to the M6 too, if you prefer to drive.

I can edit your showreel remotely, no matter where you are in the world. Just send me your files via links or a file transfer service and away we go!
What is a Showreel, and Why Do I Need One?
Your showreel is your own personal acting advert; it is an invaluable tool for marketing yourself to casting directors and agents alike. Whether you're brand new to the industry or well established, an up-to-date, snappy and professional showreel will help you further your career.
Why Should I Use a Specialist Showreel Service, and Not Film or Edit My Showreel Myself/Get a Friend To Do It?
I have over 10 years worth of filmmaking experience, so I know how to make your showreel the best it can be. I use cinema quality equipment, have an extensive knowledge of story and character, have edited thousands of hours of content and pride myself on making the highest quality video I possibly can.

I'm also an objective set of eyes, something invaluable when it comes to editing showreels. I will always give you honest feedback and I'll let you know when I think a scene doesn't work for you. After all, the quality of your showreel reflects on me too, so I take the same amount of care over your work as I would my own.
How Long Will It Take To Film My Showreel?
It usually takes 3-4 hours to film a single scene, and multiple scenes are filmed consecutively, without breaks in between. Start time is 9am, unless we mutually agree otherwise. I always rehearse with you before we go out to shoot (and usually have a chat and a cup of tea beforehand!).

Please bear in mind, that if you do not give us enough time to shoot (i.e. you book train tickets 2 hours apart), the quality of your finished scene will be directly and negatively affected.

What Time Does Filming Start?
Start time is 9am, unless we mutually agree otherwise in advance. If you are more than 60 minutes late, your filming will be considered cancelled, and your deposit will not be refunded.
How Long Are Your Custom Filmed Showreel Scenes?
Around 1.5 minutes; long enough to tell a short story, but not so long that they outstay their welcome.

All showreel scene scripts must be no longer than 1.5 pages of industry standard formatted film script, and must include all relevant scene headings and directions.

How Many Scenes Can You Film In One Day?
To keep quality high, we only film up to two scenes in one day.
How Far In Advance Do I Need to Book My Filmed Showreel Scenes?
It's not unusual for me to be booked up 6-8 weeks in advance. I sometimes have cancellations though, so it's always worth enquiring and asking if you need something sooner.
Will You Write My Showreel Scene Script For Me?
All filmed showreel scenes come with a custom script if you don't wish to provide your own. You usually receive your script 7 days before your shoot. You only get one script, and scripts will not be re-written.
Can I Provide My Own Script?
Yes, you can. If you're providing your own scripts, they must be copyright free and sent over to me for approval at least 7 days before your shoot day. Scripts must be no longer than 1.5 pages of industry standard formatted film script (Final Draft), and must include all relevant scene headings and directions.

Scenes must be set in a single location, and have only two actors. No blood, gore or weapons of any kind are allowed in showreel scenes. There can be no fight scenes, special effects, action sequences or animals included in your script.

I reserve the right to refuse to film any script I deem inappropriate or find offensive.
Can You Provide Actors For Me?
No, I can't do this. I never bring in actors for a person's showreel scene in case they're not exactly what that person wanted. I advise that you ask around, bring in a friend or put out a casting call if you get really stuck.
How Many Actors Can I Have In My Showreel Scene?
A maximum of 2.
Can We Shoot In A Castle/Mansion/Penthouse/Hotel/Bar/Café/Shop/Office etc.?
Sadly no, though I'd love to! We can only use locations I can get for free, unless you arrange them yourself. The locations I have access to are mainly public spaces: the general countryside, forests, parks and outdoors urban/suburban areas. I do not shoot showreel scenes in my own home. If you're after something different or specific, please ask before writing or organising your scenes. Also, I can travel to you to shoot showreel scenes, but this will incur extra costs.
I Would Like A Period Scene In My Showreel. Can We Shoot That?
Yes! But it has to be shot somewhere I can get for free and you have to source your own costumes. My period scenes are shot in a forest or in the countryside, somewhere where only your costumes denote what time period it is. If you'd like to use a different location, you'd be responsible for finding it and paying any associated hire fees.
Can I Do A Choreographed Fight or Action Sequence For My Showreel Scene?
No, unfortunately not. It takes an enormous amount of rehearsal, planning, camera shots and time to shoot a fight or action sequence well. A properly shot 20 second fight sequence takes about 4 hours to shoot, so I don't offer this as part of my showreel service.

Also, no blood, gore or weapons of any kind are allowed in showreel scenes.
Do you Provide Costumes?
No, you are responsible for sourcing your own costumes.
Can We Shoot My Scene In A Moving Car?
For safety reasons, we can only shoot in stationary cars. You cannot properly concentrate on driving while delivering lines and taking direction.
Can You Travel To Me To Shoot My Showreel Scene?
Yes, not a problem! But you will have to cover extra travel costs for me and my sound recordist.
Will You Have A Make Up Artist On Set For My Showreel Scene?
No. However, if you'd like to arrange to have a professional make up artist for the day, you're more than welcome!
What Format Does My Footage Need To Be In?
I prefer digital files (.mov, .mp4, .flv, .avi for example) or web links. I can download video files from Dailymotion, Vimeo and YouTube. DVDs are also usable as long as they aren't copy-protected. I will also need you to provide the timecodes of your appearances in films longer than 15 minutes in length.
How Long Should My Edited Showreel Be?
There's no set length, as every showreel is different. However, I always advise to keep them under 3 minutes. Your showreel should be short and snappy and show your strengths and casting types clearly.
I Can't Decide What Clips To Put Into My Showreel - Help!
Don't worry. Send me everything you have and I'll have a watch through (be sure to include timecodes to denote your appearances though!). I'll give you honest feedback about what I think you should include.

However, this is your showreel and the final decisions rest on you; you're always in control and if you really want a scene included, it'll be included.
I Know Exactly What I Want For My Showreel Edit, Do You Mind If I Let You Know?
No problem. You can even come and edit it with me in person if you like! I'll still give you my thoughts and advice though, especially if I think something really doesn't work.
How Many Edits Will You Do?
I'll do a first draft edit, which will be the very best edit possible, in my opinion. I'll send this over to you to review and if there are any changes that you'd like, I'll do one edit to apply them. However, I can't guarantee to be able to make every change that you ask for.
How Long Will It Take You To Edit My Showreel?
When editing remotely, it depends on my schedule as I work freelance, but it's usually within 14 days. If you need your showreel urgently, I offer a 24 hour service for an additional £50 fee. Get in touch to find out more.
How Long Will It Take You To Edit My Custom Showreel Scene?
Usually 7 days, but if I'm very busy or if you have multiple scenes, it could take two weeks.
Will My Custom Showreel Scene Have Music?
Possibly. From a technical perspective, we film out on location. As a result, sound isn't something we can control fully, so I may have to use music in your scene to blend your audio together. From a narrative perspective, some scenes work better with a soundtrack; it enhances performance and audience experience. That is why music is used in all film and television; it is an absolutely vital part of storytelling.
How Will I Receive My Edited Showreel?
Your edited showreel will be sent to you as a HD YouTube ready video, via a download link. All you have to do is upload it to your online profiles! Hard copies (such as DVDs) can be provided for an additional fee.
How Will I Receive My Custom Filmed Showreel Scenes?
Your custom filmed showreel scenes will be sent to you as HD YouTube ready video files, via a download link. Showreel scenes are sent individually if you have not paid for additional showreel editing.
Can I Have The Rushes/ Raw Footage From My Custom Showreel Scene Shoot?
I'm sorry, but no. The raw files are massive (at least 30GB per scene) and due to the way I work, there is no sound and the images look washed out. You're always free to ask to change a shot to a different one before your scene is finished though; I always send out draft versions of scenes for your approval before final files are exported.
Can You Help Me Upload My Showreel Video To Casting Call Pro/ Spotlight/ YouTube?
If you're lost, don't be afraid to give me a call or send an email. I can talk you through how to upload to various sites.
How Long Do You Keep My Showreel Video On File?
I only guarantee to keep them for 30 days. However, I do have an online archive of pretty much all of my work, but sometimes files get overlooked and are never uploaded. Chances are, I will still have your showreel years from now, but I can't guarantee more than 30 days.
Can I Use My Showreel Scene As A Credit?
No, showreel scenes are not credits. From my perspective as a director, my credits reflect on me. For my short films, I'm ultimately responsible for everything; script, casting, wardrobe, locations and the final edit, which I am categorically not when it comes to showreel scenes. You are in charge, so they are not a true reflection of my work.

For you, if a potential employer (be it casting director, agent or filmmaker) comes to me and asks what you were like to work with or if they can see more of you in this 'short film', I will tell them it was a showreel scene and not a 'real' film. False credits and embellishing your CV do not make for a good impression, and could very well lose you that job or chance at representation.

If you claim a showreel scene is a 'short film' directed by me, I won't approve it anywhere and will ask that you or your agent remove the false credit.
Can I Submit My Showreel Scene To Film Festivals?
No, you cannot submit your showreel scene to any film festival.

As a filmmaker, any short films with my name attached that are submitted to festivals reflect highly on me, because they are seen as 'calling cards' by those in the industry. As I said above, with my actual short films, I'm ultimately responsible for everything; script, casting, wardrobe, locations and the final edit, which I am categorically not when it comes to showreel scenes. As a result, they are not a true reflection of me and my work.
How Much Do Showreels Cost?
Showreel edits are £150. Showreel filming starts from £420 per scene, but you can split the cost between two actors. For more information on pricing, click here.
Do You Do Discounts?
My showreel packages have inbuilt discounts, but otherwise, no. For more information on showreel packages, click here.
Do You Require A Deposit Upfront?
For showreel scenes, half of your total payment is required up front as a non-refundable deposit. This needs to be paid within 48 hours to secure your date. As a freelancer, I need to protect myself with a deposit else you could book in for a day's filming and decide not to turn up. A deposit ensures that you're committed. The second half of payment is due before I send over any video files.

Showreel editing requires full payment up front, before any work is started.
Can You Split Invoice Between Me and Another Actor?
For individual scenes, I can, but I will be asking for your total payment up front. This is to stop one party running off and not paying a second invoice, leaving the remaining party footing the rest of the bill. It keeps everyone safe and happy. I do not split invoice for showreel packages.
Can I Cancel My Filming Date? Can I Change My Booked Date?
You can cancel your filming date, but your deposit will not be refunded. And no, you cannot change your booked filming date.
What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
Bank transfer is my preferred payment method. When you book a showreel with me, I'll send you an invoice with all the relevant details.
I Run An Acting Agency. Can You Create Showreels For My Clients?
Of course! Just get in contact. You will be able to approve all showreels before sign off, I can add in your branding and contact details and you'll receive the final video files in a HD web ready format.
Why Should I Hire You For My Showreel?
Because I'm great at what I do and I'll do my very best for you! Have a read of my testimonials.
I Still Have Questions, How Can I Contact You Or Make A Booking?
Give me a call on 07545 265 951 or send an email via the form on my contact page. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.